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Matrix Hang Rail Adapter


The Matrix Hang Rail Adaptor is the key to allowing Easy Installation Hang Rails to be installed on 82 Series Standards.• The patient pending Matrix Hang Rail Adapter allows for tool-free attachment of Easy Installation Hang Rails to 82 Series Standards.• Provides tool-free vertical adjustability of hang rails on standards in 1-1/4" vertical increments.• By utilizing 82 Series Standards with the Matrix Hang Rail Adapters, there is no need to patch or drill holes in walls when adjusting the height of an Easy Installation Hang Rail, like would be needed when using competitive products.• Matrix Hang Rail Adapters are made of heavy grade steel and automotive grade plastics for strength and durability.• They hold up to 100 lbs per pair when installed on 16" stud centers.• Matrix Hang Rail Adapters are easy to install and utilize an All-In-One ABS lock that secures the Easy Installation Hang Rail to the Hang Rail Adapter, while also locking the Matrix Hang Rail Adapter to an 82 Series Standard. All it takes is one upward push of the lock.