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Matrix Hang Rail  


• Mounts directly to a wall or studs for quick and easy installations of Knape & Vogt 82/182 Series Standards and Bracket Systems.

• Mounts directly to 82 Series Standards (when using Matrix Hang Rail Adaptors) for quick and easy installations of Matrix: Wall Organization System Storage Accessories.

• Tool-free installation and vertical adjustments in 1-1/4" increments is possible on Knape & Vogt 82 Series Standards when used with the Matrix Hang Rail Adaptors

.• Hang small storage bins from the upper lip.

• Available in 48" and 80" lengths to allow them to meet on studs in long runs.

• Have predrilled hole locations every 8 inches for easy installations on stud centers of 16" or 24".• The 48" Hang Rail hold up to 1800 lbs, while the 80" Hang Rail holds up to 2700 lbs.