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Matrix Double Hook


The Matrix Double Hook has several key benefits:• It can be installed in three different ways: screwed to a stud, fixed to a flat wall surface or attached to a an Easy Installation Hang Rail.• The hooks are rubber coated for protection of the stored items, as well as, the hook itself.• It has a universal design to allow it to be used for several different items so that as your needs change over time, you can continue to reuse this universal accessory.• The Double Hook is built using heavy-duty steel and automotive grade plastics to allow it to hold up to 50 lbs.• It's equipped with an anti-skid rubber bumper for secure placement of the accessory on an Easy Installation Hang Rail.• It also utilizes a patent pending safety lock to keep the accessory locked onto the hang rail for safe loading and unloading of the accessory.• Common uses include storing leaf blowers, powered lawn tools, shovels, rakes, brooms, step stools, pool accessories and more.